Dr Albert Viet Le - Inspiring Career Story

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During the SSIS Career Day - Community and Beyond Share Inspiring Stories, Dr. Albert Viet Le has shared his inspiring journey to help High School students acquire a more flexible and adaptive mindset about their future careers.

Dr. Albert Viet Le is not only an experienced clinician in all aspects of dentistry with specialized skills in Periodontics and Implant Dentistry but he is a researcher and educator working in higher education institutions and private practice.

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Ths. BS Albert Lê – Chuyên gia về Nha Khoa kiêm Giám đốc điều hành Premier Dental tại TP.HCM, đã cò những chia sẻ đầy tâm huyết về hành trình của mình với tư cách là người đi trước có nhiều trải nghiệm

Dr Albert Viet Le - Inspiring Career Story

By telling the story of his career, he has helped the students understand that it is not as much about right or wrong choices but rather about how we try and make the best out of our decisions. During his career path, he always seeks new opportunities for his personal growth and considers failure as a chance to gain experience.

In 2003, Dr. Albert Viet Le completed his dental training at Melbourne University (Australia) and then served full-time as a Dental Officer in the Australian Army till 2007. After the military, Dr. Albert Le enjoyed private practice for more than 7 years. During this time, Dr. Albert Viet Le completed several advanced training programs, where he learned surgery and prosthodontics among other specialties.

His passion for continued learning led him to Columbia University (USA) to complete advanced specialist training in periodontics and implant dentistry.

“Don’t try to be a successful person but try to become a person of value” (Albert Einstein)

Dr. Albert finds fulfillment not in his achievements but in the difference he can make in people’s lives.


“I have helped many people in Australia and the United States. I have been blessed to have trained at prestigious schools. Now I want to give back to the Vietnamese people in Vietnam.” said Dr. Albert Viet Le.

Knowing your purpose is the first step toward achieving career fulfillment. It provides us with a clear goal and direction. Just focus on leading a meaningful life and write your own beautiful story!